A few of my favorite resources-please don’t hesitate to email me for more resources on a particular topic!!

Madness Radio
Interviews with people from the psych survivor movement archived at

-The People’s DSM- A very similar project to my DSM zine (minus the art) that was started by Mind Freedom International

-The Icarus Project forums Connect with other mad folk online for support and activism:

-Mapping Out Madness Zine for planning for difficult times:

-Directory of Peer Run Crisis Respite Houses as an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization from the National Empowerment Center:

-Beyond Meds is a blog that has extensive information on tapering off of psychiatric medication

-Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and other Outlaws by Kate Bornstein (Also available as iPhone/ipad apps) This book has saved my life many times.

See also her “It Gets Better Says Kate Bornstein” YouTube video

-Mad In America- A website started by Robert Whitaker whose books “Mad in America” and “Anatomy of an Epidemic” led consumers and mental health professionals alike question many paradigms of western mental health, including the wide spread use of medication.  This website has a large number of radical mental health related bloggers and news articles all in one place

Rufus May’s Guide to Getting to
know your voices:

Hearing Voices USA:


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