What is Dreams and Zines?

Dreams and Zines is the collective work of Cameron Moore and will focus on the topics of radical mental health, queer/trans* issues, disability, feminism, and more.

Tell me more about yourself…
I am an activist, a poet, and educator who uses their lived experience of being a psychiatric survivor organize peer run support groups for psychiatric survivors, queer/trans folks, disabled folks, and trauma survivors.

I was thrilled to publish my first zine in May 2013, and honored to
Then do workshops at NYU and non profit Community Access, and be an expert contributor for the Society for Humanistic Psychology (A division of
The American Psychological Association).

To read and print my first zine for free please go to the drop down menu in the upper corner and click “DSM Zine”.

My next project was working on a lecture called Fight Like Hell and Live: Strategies for Surviving Suicidality and Supporting Friends in crisis, which has been presented at anarchist book fairs and most recently at a psych survivor groups mad pride day. A new full zine on this topic (maybe even a little book!) is in the works.

I also have been working on a lecture and intend to publish writing about the pathologization of trauma and failures of our culture to respond to trauma- and how that has pushed more and more folks to ending their lives.

Want to book me
For a lecture, collaborate on a piece, pick my brain about resources, ask questions, offer respectful feedback or just say Hi? (I love to hear from folks!!

Contact me at DreamsAndZines@gmail.com

What is radical mental health?

People who believe in radical mental health see the western biomedical model of psychiatry as being flawed at best and horrendously abusive, coercive, and corrupt at worst. Many people who support radical mental health are aware of the widespread and commonplace abuse of psychiatric patients in mental health treatment in the United States and in many places around the world. For example, the common practice in the United States of restraining or secluding psychiatric patients if they are “in crisis” or deemed a danger to themselves or others can be considered torture by the United Nations even when done in short durations. The United Nations 2013 Report of the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment wrote, “Forced interventions, often wrongfully justified by theories of incapacity and therapeutic necessity inconsistent with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, are legitimized under national laws, and may enjoy wide public support as being in the alleged “best interest” of the person concerned. Nevertheless, to the extent that they inflict severe pain and suffering, they violate the absolute prohibition of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment”.

As an alternative to traditional hospitalization, many people who support radical mental health believe in the powers of peer support, peer run crisis respite centers, such as following the Soteria Model, holistic approaches such as acupuncture or herbs, art, and spirituality.

Many people who support radical mental health also question or reject psychiatric medication. Selling psychiatric medication is a for profit business in the United States, and many drug companies have skewed studies about their medication’s effectiveness and have ignored studies about alternatives that are equally or more effective than psychiatric medication without the long terms risks medications can carry but often are not told to patients such as diabetes, tardive dyskensia, metabolic problems, dependence, and considerably shortened life span. Western psychiatry says mental illnesses are brain diseases that must be treated with medication long term. Yet the Icarus Project and Mad in America has many stories of people who feel that medication was causing them severe harm and successfully got of their medication and recovered fully after they had been diagnosed with schizophrenia or other diagnoses.

For more information please visit www.theicarusproject.net and www.madinamerica.com

Wait, you don’t believe in western psychiatry? Are you a scientologist?

No, I absolutely am not a scientologist and do not believe in scientology or support scientology.

Copying Guidelines

You are free to download, print, and share the zines in their entirety as long as you do not sell them. To quote a piece of text more than a couple of sentences or any images of the website or any of the zines in another work, please email dreamsandzines@gmail.com to request permission. You can expect to typically get a reply within two days and will need to link back to this website.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ashley Sproul says:

    Hello! I hope it’s okay if I address you as Cameron =) I was recommended to this killer site/community by a good friend of mine who works as a peer specialist who says they know you and your work. I am 22 years old and have been a member of the mental health community for about a decade. My pronouns are she/her. I just wanted to share with you how your posts and opinions have influenced me, I’ve even started my own blog!

    Mental illness and psychiatry have been a extensive part of my life for many years. Struggling with my own diagnoses of depression, PTSD, and borderline, I began to believe psychiatry will only be thought of and treated in one way: medication and hospitals. As a trauma survivor I settled for how the “professionals” instructed me to “fix” my issue. I was passive and allowed the “educated” people to make decisions for me. But since I’ve known this peer specialist and he’s referred me to your and similar works/ideas, I’ve come to realize that there are alternative ways to viewing madness; there are options and resources that I didn’t even know existed.

    Studying anarchist/radical and alternative lines of thought, I feel I’ve revolutionized my stagnant standpoint on my own illness. I’ve literally just started my Tumblr a few days ago so its not exactly where I want it to be yet, but basically I’m using it as a forum to discuss artistic values in relation to psychiatric impediment. Art, poems, songs, videos (original and referenced) that are meant to inspire as well as raise awareness. I’ve even toyed with the idea portraying my struggles as a gift (in the sense of positive change that has been brought about by the illness), so I was wondering what you thought about that and if you think that would be helpful for people to read. You are an inspiration to me and I don’t even know much about you personally, but your words are a pure representation of what you value as well as your compassion for others. I wish I was as articulate as you, and I will be looking at your blog as a guideline for how to stimulate others with my own work. I just hope you don’t think I’m copying you but using your work as a supportive resource. And of course, before I use anything from your or others works, I will ask and wait for permission!

    Thank you so much for being you.
    I’d like to meet you someday,


    My tumblr: http://amighty-heart.tumblr.com/

    • Ashley Sproul says:

      Hello everyone! Ashley again. If my previous comment is approved, I would like to clarify/amend certain previous statements:

      “Mental illness and psychiatry have been a extensive part of my life for many years. Struggling with my own diagnoses of depression, PTSD, and borderline, I began to believe psychiatry will only be thought of and treated in one way: medication and hospitals.”

      I would like to apologize for my careless in describing my illness with clinical terms. I feel and it has been expressed that in order to heal and travel along the road to wellness, one must look at their diagnoses with a more individualistic and well-rounded view. To coin a term straight form the DSM may offer a more recognized affiliation with a particular aspect of madness, it does not reflect on how it has effected me as a person. I am new to this alternative style of thinking about my illness and need practice expressing ideas with a more wellness orientated standpoint (instead of conforming to society’s labels and conditions). Please forgive me.


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