Brattleboro The Hive Creative Maladjustment Day (Mad Pride) Workshop

Hello! Thank you so much for having attended my workshop “Fight Like Hell and Live: Strategies for Surviving Suicidality and Supporting Friends in Crisis”

Please do be in touch:
Email me to continue our conversation, Ask for resources, or just connect! I love to hear from folks!!

I would love to bring this workshop to another place near you, and am hoping to finish the lecture being a zine or small book in the next few months
Local Resources I mentioned include:
Downpour: A Radical Mutual Support/Activist Community in Northampton MA

Every other week support meetings, workshops and activist planning coming soon- please like the Facebook page and let friends know to help get it running!

The Hive in Brattleboro VT (our hosts!)

Peer Respites:
Vermont- Alyssum:

Massachusetts: Afiya

New Hampshire: Stepping Stone

Some other resources on suicide you should check out:
My post below this one speaks to suicide of abuse victims

Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens Freaks and Other Outlaws by Kate Bornstein (book)

Madness and Oppression Mad Map Guide by the Icarus Project

Mapping Out Madness Zine for planning for difficult times:
A few poems that speak to suicide:

Suicide Mary McDonahugh

Ariel by Sierra Demulder

The Nutritionist by Andrea Gibson

Shinji Moon


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